Meet Arthur Gura Ogada

Arthur Gura Ogada engraves glass with startlingly real images of wildlife.  He has loved both animals and art from an early age, but he first became interested in glass when he worked for a freight forwarding firm, packing and shipping personal effects.  “I had never realized until I handled a glass that the images were etched on, not simply painted or sketched.”  His mother bought him a Dremel® tool in 1997, and he was hooked.  His artwork began as a hobby he taught to himself, but he's been selling it since 2002. 

Arthur recycles empty wine bottles and turns them into drinking glasses, making use of what might otherwise be wasted.  Conservation is very important to him. He makes a point to include the scientific name of any animals he etches, “so that if a zoologist were to look at it, they could agree or disagree about how accurate my image is.  My personal motto is to make each successive glass better than the last.”

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