Meet Kichaka Poa Creations

Moses and Esther Kirimi like to give back as much as they like to make crafts. This husband and wife team met when Esther began painting as part of Moses’ crew in 1995, the first year of the business. 

Moses, “the brains behind everything,” has been carving and drawing since nursery school – one of the first animals he drew was the cheetah.  He worked as an artist for a time, but then asked himself, “What can I do not just for me?” Kichaka Poa Creations makes carvings from the jacaranda tree, an easily harvestable, fast-growing, and non-indigenous species. They salvage wood from construction sites, which saves trees and feeds more people than simply using that wood for firewood.  Their business sustains both the environment and their community by encouraging each artists' creative ability: “The more we conserve, the more we are getting creatively involved.  We feel good supporting grassroots movements.  People with no education can come and work, getting an income.”  Moses and Esther believe their animal carvings can pass on an appreciation of nature, and Action for Cheetahs in Kenya and COOL Crafts agree.

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