Meet Mirak Enterprises

Previously known as Antikindu Beads, Tony Kiratu and his team weave bowls and baskets out of wire and glass beads. Tony has been running his business since 2003 out of his family’s home in Limuru, 45 minutes north of Nairobi.  Despite being handicapped after surgery for Cerebral TB, Tony provides full-time work to several craftsmen (most have been coming to work in Tony’s backyard hut for years) and, as one worker says, “Friendship!”  is the key to their success.

Their friendship with ACK has yielded benefits as well.  “Mary has supported our company a lot,” Tony says. “Cheetah conservation has inspired us to develop new patterns and products and expanded our customer base.”

Mirak Enterprises understands that the quality of the environment affects people’s livelihoods, from the cost of materials to the cost of food. 100% of the waste materials from the beautifully patterned bowls and trinket boxes are recyclable.

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